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Instant-Win Lucky Draw Details

Valid Date: 2019-08-25

Instant-Win Lucky Draw Details

Valid Date: 2019-08-25
Gift Details

Watsons Honey Water Instant-Win Lucky Draw

Promotion period: Today onward till Aug 25, 2019

During the promotion period, upon purchased a bottle of Watsons Honey Water 400ml (any flavor), consumer can register for a FREE instant-win lucky draw by (i) becoming a member* of Watsons Water “Drops of Fun” Reward Scheme and (ii) scanning the QR code inside bottle cap of product using “Drops of Fun” mobile app, for getting the chance to win justgold jewelleries:

  • justdiamond 1ct Solitaire Diamond Ring (1 piece)
  • justgold Party Queen 24K Gold Earrings (1 pair)
  • justgold Party Queen 24K Gold Pendant (1 piece)
  • justgold The Blossoms 24K Gold Pendant (1 piece)
  • Each prize will award with 1 winner, a total of 4 winners will be drawn.

*Non-members can at any time download the mobile app from Google Play or Apple Store and register for free to become a member of “Drops of Fun”

After scanning the QR code, participant can register and instantly get the lucky draw result on the pop-up window.  Alternatively, participant can also join the lucky draw on or before 25 August 2019 using the eCoupon received in “My Gift” section of the app.

Winner has to register the mobile phone number, name & email address for prize redemption. Successful registrants can receive a prize redemption notification through email.

Terms & Conditions

Watsons Honey Water Instant-Win Lucky Draw is organized by Watsons Water (“organizer”). By joining the Lucky Draw, participants are deemed to have read and agreed to all the terms and conditions and any amendments thereto from time to time.

  1. Promotion period of the Lucky Draw is from today till 25 August 2019 (23:59)(“Promotion Period”) in Hong Kong time. Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.: 52260
  2. The lucky draw is only applicable to Members (“member(s)”) of Watsons Water “Drops of Fun” Reward Program (“Drops of Fun”), and non-member participants are required to register as Drops of Fun member to join the promotion. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of “Drops of Fun” at for member registration details.
  3. During the promotion period, upon scanning the QR code inside the bottle cap of Watsons Honey Water 400ml (any flavor) with Drops of Fun mobile app, a free instant-win lucky draw chance will be entitled to the participant for winning one of the following prizes:

(a) justdiamond 1ct Solitaire Diamond Ring (1 piece)
(b) justgold Party Queen 24K Gold Earrings (1 pair) 
(c) justgold Party Queen 24K Gold Pendant (1 piece)
(d) justgold The Blossoms 24K Gold Pendant (1 piece)
*Each prize will award with 1 winner, a total of 4 winners will be drawn.

  1. Participants can join the lucky draw through “Drops of Fun” mobile app and lucky draw result instantly. All winners of the lucky draw (“winner(s)”) will be announced on, Sing Tao Daily and The Standard on 2 September 2019.
  2. All prize winners will be diverted to a registration site for prize redemption registration, including name, mobile phone numbers and email address. All successful registrants will be notified by the organizers of the redemption details.
  3. Winners have to register for prize redemption on the registration site by August 26, 2019 01:00 (Hong Kong time), otherwise winner will be regarded as given up his/her prize without notification.  All winners who do not redeem the prize at designated Hong Kong justgold store by September 4, 2019 shall be regarded as given up his/her prize. Winners shall be responsible for all travelling expenses related to the redemption.
  4. Once the prize is redeemed and collected by winner, prize will not be reissued or exchanged in any circumstances.
  5. The prize is non-exchangeable for cash, other goods or services in any circumstances and it is bound by Terms and Conditions. For further enquiries, please contact the representatives of Watsons Water via Facebook inbox.
  6. Members aged 18 or below must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for prize redemption and have a valid Hong Kong identity card.
  7. Members represent and warrant that all data and information provided is complete and accurate. Otherwise, the respective Members will be disqualified without further notification and shall bear all the legal responsibility for recovery of any loss suffered by the organizer or the third party. The organizer will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting there from.
  8. The organizer will be in its sole and absolute discretion qualify or disqualify the Member's eligibility to participate in this Lucky Draw.
  9. The organizer reserves the right to check the correctness and authenticity of the Member as a qualified participant at any time. The member who refuses to cooperate will be disqualified.
  10. Qualification of winning shall be regarded as given up by Winners if Winners provided incorrect or inaccurate personal information. The organizer will not select an alternate winner.
  11. Participation in this Lucky Draw indicates your acceptance of the mechanism, campaign details and disclaimers (including but not limited to photos uploading or copyright descriptions), privacy policies of Watsons Water. In the event of any breach of the Terms and Conditions of the Lucky Draw, the organizer has the right to stop one's participation in the Lucky Draw and/or immediately disqualify respective Members, and take legal actions.
  12. The organizer will under no circumstance be liable for any incorrect data input during the registration or login as a result of any loss or damage caused by any problem or technical malfunction of any communication network, online system or computer hardware or software failure. Members shall not object to it.
  13. Members must not attack the Website or other Members via denial of service attacks which affect the fairness of the Lucky Draw (including but not limited to in any way causing the system to be abnormal or tampering which affect the results of the Lucky Draw). The organization reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify the respective Member(s). Therefore, respective Winners will be disqualified and the prizes should be returned to the organizer.
  14. The actual product of the prize shall be considered as final. The prize, services and information regarding this Lucky Draw are provided by the supplier to the customer; Therefore, the suppliers are responsible for all related obligations and liabilities. The organizer is not responsible for the quality of the products and services. The Winners are responsible for any additional costs occurred from the prize, if any.
  15. In case of any dispute, Watsons Water and A.S. Watson Group (HK) Limited reserve the right to make all final decisions.


Personal Information Collection Statement 

  1. The personal data provided by participants in this Lucky Draw (i.e. mobile number) will be used to contact and for verification purpose. The Company will not use your personal data for direct marketing purposes. Personal data shall be kept confidential by A.S. Watson Group (HK) Limited and will be destroyed within 2 months following the end of the Lucky Draw.  If any participant(s) refuse to provide relevant information, Watsons Water reserves the rights to reject the respective Member(s) from participating in the Lucky Draw.
  2. Participant’s personal data may be disclosed or transferred to prize redemption store for redemption purpose. Personal data shall be kept confidential by the prize redemption store.
  3. Should you have any enquiry concerning our Privacy Policy Statement, please feel free to contact our Customer Services Manager.

    The address is as follows:
    Customer Services Manager
    Watsons Water
    Watsons Water Centre, Dai Li Street
    Tai Po Industrial Estate
    New Territories, Hong Kong
    Email Address: 


Protection of personal data

Watsons Water is committed to safeguard the privacy of individuals with respect to personal data. We therefore make sure that our policies and practices in relation to the collection, use, retention, transfer and access of personal data comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486) (the "Ordinance") under the laws of Hong Kong. Please refer to Privacy Policy